Find the perfect software for your business

Content Management Systeem / CMS


The most used CRM in the world. Build for an blog but can be used for any website. Create your template or use one of the many pre build. Wordpress can be downloaded or can used as a hosted version.


Started as a bulletin board back in 2000. But no grown as one of the most secure and complex CRM. Drupal is used for enterprise website where user interaction is needed.


The alternative for Wordpress. Build custom designs while keeping control over the code without writing code, huh? Yeah it is real and works smart and fun. Code experience is handy but not needed.



Maybe the best todo app there is. Just a simple list with categories and projects. Of course perfect synchronisation between all devices.

Microsoft To Do

If you are using outlook Microsoft to do is the perfect todo software to use. Perfect intergration in you mail client but also usable as detach app.


If you use Apple devices you probably know Things 3 (or Things). It is a very nice looking todo app with alle the necessary featured on board.



Allround marketing suite for SEO, SEA and social. Semrush is the all you need software for your online marketing.


Complete marketing software for business. Moz is a marketing authority. A must have for any online marketing business.

SE Ranking

Ranking tool for Google. Very affordable suite manly focused on organic google results.



The prototyping tool to design mobile apps and wireframes.


The total cloud-based design tool. Perfect for collaborating, prototyping and designing apps and website.

Adobe XD

XD was the answer from Adobe on the quick growth of Sketch. Adobe has al lot of the same functionality only in the knowable adobe layout.

What is Softpare?

Softpare is a website where all the important business software can be found. The basic functions of the website are finding and comparing the right software.

The coming months we are developing the basic technologie of the website and creating the first wave of content.