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Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet platform created to enable enterprises of all sizes to collaborate with clients by creating and editing data on spreadsheets. With artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled system, Google Sheets allows employees to add contributors to projects, monitor real-time changes in a sheet, and communicate via a chat system with team members from within files.

The software allows the set of expiration dates on projects and gives permissions to download, copy, or even print content among collaborators. In addition, the collection of data insights is possible through customizable visuals in real-time, as stakeholders utilize the explore functionality to view trends. Google Sheets provides a data loss prevention (DLP) module, enabling businesses to detect potential data breaches and leaks by blocking sensitive data visibility from unauthorized members or clients.

Google Sheets integrates via API and Zapier with most renowned third-party business apps and tools such as BigQuery, Microsoft Office, Trello, Slack, Mailchimp, and others. Some of the top-notch features are collaboration, survey creation, revision history, customizable templates, analytics, information rights management (IRM), and more.

Functions Sheet

Google Sheets is a solid spreadsheet solution and comes packed with a number of excellent features, including calculators, data reporting, analytics, customizable templates, multi-user collaboration, and audit trail. On top of that, by connecting Sheets to Google Drive, users can save their data on the cloud for extra security and accessibility.


  • API
  • Templates
  • Graphs
  • Word processor

Pricing Sheet

Google Sheets is entirely free and can be used and accessed by both individuals and businesses anywhere, anytime. It is bundled with the rest of Google's products, Drive, Docs, and Slides as part of Google Workspace.

Google Workspace subscription plans start from $6 per user, per month for Business Starter, $12 per user, per month for Business Standard, and $18 per user, per month for Business Plus. Additionally, there is also the Enterprise model, but interested individuals should reach out to Google for pricing information.

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Reviews Sheet

It works very well. The auto-save functionality is amazing.

  • "Great for uploading and storing files"
  • "Amazing sharing function"
  • "Missing some functions"
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Google Sheets is definitely a powerful and flexible program. Users can create documents, share them with others, and access them on the go, as Sheets is cloud-based and accessible from any device, whether desktop or portable. The software supports 5 million cells per spreadsheet, an impressive number for a web-based spreadsheet app.

Real-Time User Collaboration

But the real advantage of Google Sheet is the ability to collaborate with team members in real-time. Up to 100 users can edit the same document at the same time on Sheets. And it is easy to share files by either copying a sharing link or sending it to other users or colleagues.

Work Offline

Google Sheets might be intended for online use, but an option to download documents locally for offline editing and synergy is available, too. Consequently, Sheets have everything a business may need to design complex spreadsheets. In addition, a vast array of plug-ins and add-ons exist, too, extending customization and personalization.

Safety and Security

Since Google Sheets is an online solution and most businesses work with remote employees rather than in-house ones, security is of the utmost importance. And Google Sheets is a secure platform, as expected. The 2-Step Verification, even if not enabled by default, guarantees that no unauthorized source can access your account without your permission. On top of that, sharing links can be sent directly to other Google accounts rather than copying and pasting them. In this way, even if Google does not offer a password system to protect your Google Drive files, it is nearly impossible for your links to fall into the wrong hands.

Fantastic Support

Google Sheets have an approachable, streamlined design but pack complex and relatively deep features. And, sometimes, it is hard to find how to execute a specific action or command. Thankfully, Google understands this and has provided many resources to help users out with Sheets. So, if you need assistance locating an option, click Help in the toolbar and type in what you're looking for, as an answer to your query will most probably be available. Furthermore, the Help dropdown menu contains a list of functions and keyboard shortcuts for additional assistance. And the Sheets Help Center offers guides and how-tos on how to take full advantage of the app's tools.

In general, the software does not have significant downsides. And it would be unfair to compare it to Microsoft Excel, which is a predominantly desktop app. On that note, longtime Excel users, though, might find it challenging transitioning to Sheets. That is because simple Excel functions require extra work and effort on Sheets. As such, the Sheets app is kind of limited in terms of functionalities. But even if some things are missing, users can search for add-ons that include the missing features.

The lack of the option to create specific graphs existing in competitive apps is also a downside of Google Sheets. Better team communication would be Godsend, too. For example, a user might be unaware of changes another user is making on a shared spreadsheet. By constantly updating sheet changes to the cloud, Google Sheets make it hard for users to cooperate efficiently. Unwanted sheet changes are not uncommon, therefore. And if the internet connection is poor, except to have to deal with lag. Google Sheets will become slow and eventually unresponsive.

Google Sheets originates from XL2Web, an online spreadsheet solution developed by 2Web Technologies. Google acquired it in 2006 and, initially, turned it into Google Labs Spreadsheets. Launched as a test, it was available for a limited number of users on a first-come, first-served basis. In March 2010, however, Google acquired DocVerse, an online document collaboration company. DocVerse allowed multiple-user online collaboration and synergy on Excel-compatible documents and other Microsoft Office formats like Word and PowerPoint.

At that point, Google decided to merge Google Labs Spreadsheets and DocVerse to create Google Spreadsheets with full cloud-based functionality and online user collaboration. In 2012, Google renamed Google Spreadsheets to Google Sheets. As part of the Google family, the app is headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States.

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