Hotjar is an analysis and feedback service developed to help website administrators understand visitor behavior and website activity. The software offers total visibility on how to leverage website user experience and increase performance and user activity. With Hotjar, website owners receive access to visitor feedback and survey on how they use the site. Then, they can apply the correct changes based on in-depth insights to increase commercial success.

Hotjar has two central tools. These are analysis and feedback. Analysis tools, such as conversion funnels, heatmaps, form analytics, and visitor recording, enable website administrators to observe user behavior. They also support the complete monitoring of user website activity. Regarding the feedback tools, these help administrators listen actively to what users believe about the website and the quality of its services. Tools such as polls, surveys, and incoming feedback are available and help users voice their opinion. Also, advanced settings are available too for extra control over the feedback widgets.

Additionally, to leverage user analysis and feedback activity, Hotjar targets visitors based on the device and URLs. On top of that, the software has custom javascript, blocking unnecessary IPs. So, website administrators can exclude themselves from the user activity monitoring for a more reliable tracking process.

Hotjar is easy to install and thus can be used immediately. And it integrates with renowned platforms, like Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, and HubSpot, to name a few. As a final note, the service can be used on any device, from desktops to tablet computers to mobile phones. In this way, monitoring visitor activity is never interrupted.

Functions Hotjar

As mentioned before, Hotjar features several incredible visitor behavior analysis tools, including heatmaps, session recordings, incoming feedback, and surveys. In addition, Hotjar has multi-device support, easy one script installation, and powerful third-party integrations, such as Hubspot, Segment, Shopify, WordPress, and Magento.


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Pricing Hotjar

Hotjar has an interesting pricing system. It is scalable and flexible, meaning that you upgrade or downgrade any plan depending on your needs and situation. A Free Trial plan is available, enabling customers to explore Hotjar's Business plan functions for a fortnight.

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    HotJar is a fantastic software for tracking and understanding user website behavior and feedback. It provides numerous benefits by improving user experience, helping website owners create more effective marketing campaigns.

    Here are the best advantages of Hotjar:

    User Behavior Visualization

    Hotjar's heatmap feature displays the way visitors interact with the website visually. Website administrators can monitor their activity by viewing the information visitors search for. In this way, website owners can determine why users visit their websites. And they can record their website behavior and activity. So, owners gain access to deep insights into what visitors are doing on their sites. On top of that, that also helps them identify bugs or usability issues in their websites. By fixing them, they improve user experience and increase sales.

    In-depth User Insights

    Hotjar, in addition, enables site owners to view the website page a potential customer navigates. That is a vital step to improve and maximize conversion funnels to the fullest potential. Hotjar also helps to identify issues on the online Contact Me form. It recognizes the fields where users take long to fill, leaving them blank, enabling website administrators to fix them.

    Users Speak for Themselves

    Except for first-class user behavior analysis, the software provides a platform so visitors can voice out their opinions. Hotjar features polls that enable the collection of visitor feedback using specific questions. Moreover, it allows the use of many question styles, including NPS (Net Promoter Score), which can be presented visually in an effortless way.

    Hotjar also offers surveys for gathering intelligence and responses in real-time. They can be sent directly to user email accounts or through invitations before visitors leave the website. In addition, Hotjar has an editing tool that builds and customizes responsive and cross-device surveys. Visitors can leave visual feedback on the website, too, such as reactions or emoticons regarding whether they love or dislike a specific part of the website.

    Ask Visitors For Help

    User testing and research are essential components to creating the right website strategies. Hotjar enables the recruitment of participants from the audience to the website. Website owners add a customizable widget requiring feedback from the audience. In this way, they can improve the overall quality and features of their site. In exchange for assistance, participants receive a coupon or gift, such as an Amazon card. By doing so, they feel that they have the power to shape the site to the way they want to. And also, website administrators build a strong relationship with them—a relationship with potential clients.

    Hotjar does not have many downsides. That said, with their free option, users are limited to three-hundred onscreen recordings. Also, Hotjar has average filter options. On top of that, some users question the actual purpose of the heatmap function, wishing for more customizable surveys, too. Finally, by opting for the free version of the software, the customer support seems to lack a bit. But that is to be expected. It is free of charge, after all.

    Hotjar was founded in 2014 and is self-funded. It is on a mission to enable website owners to understand how users behave on their websites. They serve customers in almost two hundred countries and work with a global team of over one hundred employees. Hotjar's values are to create a long-lasting, sustainable, and purposeful business relationship with team members and customers.

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