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Adobe XD

Adobe XD is an on-premise prototyping app for businesses. With Adobe XD, graphic designers create designs for websites and apps in real-time using innovative animation tools. Users can design mockups or even wireframes and test their functionality across desktops or portable devices, like mobiles and tablet computers.

Furthermore, Adobe XD allows teams to flat images into 3D pictures by moving objects forward or backward. In this way, augmented and virtual reality experiences are realized. On top of that, the software can be used to create different shapes, models, or buttons and adjust components automatically while moving or resizing objects. Adobe XD also allows administrators to create grids by replacing elements, including photo galleries, menus, and contact lists, with customizable content.

Team collaboration is a big aspect of Adobe XD too, as the software promotes synergy between team members and clients, sharing of designs, response to feedback, and suggestions in the same thread. Finally, Adobe XD allows administrators to reuse assets by synchronizing used animations, logos, images, colors, fonts, and designs.

Functions Adobe XD

Adobe XD boasts numerous features to improve productivity for designers, including team collaboration, prototyping, templates, and synchronizing animations. Users can also make changes in Adobe Photoshop CC and update instantly to their designs on Adobe XD. And they can easily modify components for different screen sizes, apart from creating stylistic effects with combined layers and images.


  • Collaborate (realtime)
  • Plugins
  • Cloud Storage
  • Online design presentation
  • Templates

Pricing Adobe XD

Adobe XD is available from $9,99 per month, per user on a subscription model. It also offers a Free Trial that lasts seven days. Here are the Adobe XD pricing details:

  • $9.99 per month, per user - Monthly Plan
  • Free Plan for seven days
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Reviews Adobe XD

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    Adobe XD is fantastic for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, small businesses or large enterprises can utilize it to create designs for websites. Freelancers also can take advantage of the software to build mockups and establish their design portfolios.

    Superior Prototyping Tool

    The best feature of Adobe XD software is the prototyping tool. Adobe seems to have done quite a good job with this. Apart from being intuitive, it is also completely free to use as the only thing users have to pay is for multiple published prototypes at the same time. On top of that, Abode XD has all the great options for setting up and designing websites. Users can select from the preset templates or can create new ones from scratch.

    Another cool thing about Adobe XD is the Auto-Animate function. It is simple and works nicely and efficiently. Furthermore, Adobe XD has a super precise vector editing and design functionality. Plus, plugins are available, too. And it looks and feels like other Adobe products. So, users can learn the tool fast while it is being updated regularly.

    Total Integration With Adobe Suite

    Another great feature of Adobe XD is that it has full integration with other applications from the Adobe suite. That is very helpful as users do not have to think about when to transfer assets from one app to another because they happen automatically. Furthermore, the option to share a prototype directly with a client is of great assistance too.

    Offline Use

    Adobe XD is not browser-based, such as competitive software. And that is a blessing. Most design tools are browser-based and do not perform well. They lag and are buggy, plus they try to tie users to their ecosystem. In this way, users cannot control their own files. In addition, consumers cannot do anything offline as they need to be constantly connected to the Internet. On the contrary, Adobe XD is native and completely frees users' hands with its openness, smooth performance, and offline support.

    Third-party Software Integration

    Adobe XD offers integration with popular apps to increase productivity. Adobe XD integrates with Frontify, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Maze, Miro, Slack, Sympli, and Zeplin. Consequently, Adobe XD boosts performance, enhancing collaboration and communication across a number of popular productivity software.

    If we need to find a downside, however, that would be stability issues and the lack of autosave, which is risky for workflow. Likewise, sometimes in cloud documents, files get lost, but at least they are recoverable. And even though most of the app has stable performance, there are times when it feels buggy. Files fail to load with no indication of the crash code. So, users cannot track down the issue and fix it. After a while, however, the files open without needing to change the software's version.

    That said, Adobe XD is possibly the best prototyping software on the market, and minor issues cannot degrade its overall quality and intuitiveness.

    Adobe XD first announced at the Adobe Max conference in October 2015. The software came in response to Sketch, a UX and UI design-focused vector editor released in 2010. Furthermore, a beta of Adobe XD was released for Windows 10 in December 2016, while in 2017, Adobe XD was announced out of beta. Adobe XD belongs to the Adobe Systems family, headquartered in San Jose, California.

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