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Oribi is a cloud-based journey mapping platform, providing marketing agencies, website owners, and eCommerce enterprises with the analytical tools to monitor user behavior and activity across several digital channels. With Oribi, businesses view significant metrics, campaign budgets, and trends from a dashboard. In this way, the software improves Facebook and Google-paid campaigns by sending data to these platforms, and control marketing activity, from newsletters to written content or paid campaigns.

Therefore, the motto of Oribi is to turn data into action. The software assists in the commercial growth of businesses by optimizing the sales funnel and allocating marketing budgets effectively and efficiently. To do that, Oribi features many functions such as campaign tracking, channel analytics, conversion tracking, page visit tracking, social media metrics, user activity tracking, and website analytics.

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Oribi has some incredible features to improve user activity and campaign tracking, such as funnel building, channel analytics, engagement analytics, page visit tracking, performance tracking, trend alerts, visual analytics and statistics, and website analytics. Consequently, users will not have a hard time finding the right tools to increase business revenue and develop a quality product.


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Pricing Oribi

Oribi is available on a subscription-based and flexible pricing model. It offers three different packages with sub-plans: Business Website, eCommerce Shop, and Marketing Agency. Also, Oribi provides a Free Trial plan too (no credit card required).

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    Oribi is an all-in-one marketing analytics solution. Founded by entrepreneur Iris Shoor in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Oribi empowers businesses of all sizes to make smarter, data-driven decisions with cutting-edge technology, distinctive features, and high-end optimization guidance.

    But without further delay, these are the best benefits of Oribi:


    Oribi is value-for-money as it fits perfectly into the budget of most businesses. Website administrators can make use of this behavioral analytics software without having to pay a hefty price. At least when it comes to small audiences with fewer than 100.000 unique visitors per month.

    Cloud Services Integration and Actionable Data

    A superb feature of Oribi is the ability to connect with different cloud services to get a total overview of the user experience. Data is definitely the most valuable asset of modern commercial business, but tracking it doesn't help move things forward and generate revenue. What does that is the ability to take action by seeing what channels convert and which don't. And Oribi does that, too.

    Oribi users, consequently, collect actionable data about where and why website visitors leave. Additionally, they view key metrics, trends, and marketing budgets in one convenient dashboard. They also improve Facebook and Google campaigns by sending data from Oribi directly to them with just a click. And they credit marketing activities, from paid campaigns to newsletters or content, knowing exactly which and how each one contributes to sales and traffic increase.

    Great Customer Support

    Furthermore, Oribi offers excellent customer service. And that is super important when facing an issue. At Oribi, they provide immediate support, overcoming any challenge. What's more, customers report they feel calm every time they have to access the software's customer service as everything is beautiful and relaxing to look at.

    Despite Oribi providing excellent analytical tools, it does come with its downsides. Limited reporting, for example, is far from perfect. Users can only report in a PDF document from the reporting section, limiting what data can be included or excluded. Exporting to .csv or .xmls formats would be fantastic, but alas, it's not possible. On top of that, the dashboard feels a bit clunky as it doesn't load some reports or visitor journeys. And there's no free plan besides the 14-day trial. Sure, Oribi is not that expensive. It would be convenient, however, if there's free lifetime access to some of its tools. So, before using the app, website owners should have ready the website, product, and funnel to begin tracking and optimizing immediately.

    Moreover, Oribi cannot handle things such as call tracking or keywords. Users have to pair it with Google Analytics if they're in business-to-business (B2B), where inbound keyword tracking and call tracking are crucial.

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