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One platform, better teamwork. Team management software for creative and marketing teams. is a cloud-based platform for work management and project collaboration. Teams create applications to automate their processes, projects, and workflow. On top of that, they connect in a collaborative workspace. And within this adaptive platform, they are liberated from tedious work procedures. In this way, they can maximize their productivity and profitability.

The product features customizable templates to manage workflow, time tracking to meet deadlines, and automation applications to eliminate manual work. In addition, includes dashboards for valuable insights and integration with popular online tools to streamline processes.

Functions Monday functions

Project management

  • Chat
  • Document Sharing
  • Gantt Chart
  • Kanban board
  • Task Management
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Time Registration

Task Management Software

  • Todo list
  • Time tracking
  • Resource planning
  • Client Portal

Specs Monday

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Pricing Monday has four SMB and pricing plans for users to choose from. You can add up to 5 users per package. Pricing starts from $39.99 per month for the Basic plan, $49 for the Standard plan, and 79$ for the Pro plan. For the Enterprise plan, consumers have to contact the provider. offers also a 14 days free trial, without credit card requirements, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Reviews Monday

    Monday reviews> is nearly for every enterprise or company. As a consequence, the product is customizable to fit a wide range of business operations, including sales, IT, customer support, HR, marketing, R&D, and even media production. And it's worth mentioning that is used by more than 100,000 companies worldwide. Teams focus on productivity as grunt work goes out of the window. Benefits?

    Without delay, here are the main advantages of using

    Streamlining Contribution

    One of's greatest features is the streamline of user contribution. Team members can access dashboards easily, contributing to projects without a hitch. This simplification allows them to perform in the best possible way, increasing workflow and productivity.

    Extensive Collaboration

    The strongest asset of is collaboration. Integration with a project or task, in real-time, is so simple. All that is required is just to click and take the relevant action. In fact, it is so hassle-free, that collaborators can add comments, ask questions, or take part in forum sessions, effortlessly. And as users upload files or leave notes on the platform, makes information exchange even easier by implementing the use of a Facebook and Twitter activity feed that records discussions and user interaction.

    Progress Data In A Logical Manner

    The assembly and display of progress data is a challenge for most project management tools. But not for, as it assembles and displays data coherently, making it possible for everyone to keep track of projects. Plus, gives users incentives to contribute to assignments that might not be directly connected to their job duties. 

    Organized And Neat Interface

    Users of experience a clean and beautifully organized interface. And in many ways, it is comparable to the interface found in social media. But if you haven't used a similar application before, fret not, as is approachable and easy-to-use. And it also has a bunch of tutorials.

    Exceptional Scheduling

    But's most notable advantage over similar platforms is the advanced scheduling capability. Applying both to project and task management, scheduling helps businesses to get rid of paperwork. Furthermore, it removes manual entry errors, making the company seem even more reliable to prospective clients.

    Responsive System is based on speed and responsiveness. Besides, no enterprise could benefit from a project management platform that is clunky and slow. It would delay workflow and project progress.

    The platform reliably combines project and activity management while providing collaboration features and total integration. Plus, team members can locate work-related discussions in a searchable database, making their lives easier.

    Central Communication Hub is a communication hub that integrates with significant communication channels like Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Teams can share files, feedback, or suggestions while assigning tasks and receiving progress reports. Everyone is aware of everyone else's activities in a neat and secure location.

    Software Integration

    The product does everything possible to simplify user-experience and work productivity. And when it comes to integrations, supports an established software ecosystem. It is connected to Dropbox, Google Drive, Zapier, and other similar file sharing and management applications and comes with open API architecture, allowing developers to build their personal integrations.

    History of was created in 2010 as an internal tool in, an Israeli company. In 2012, the product left Wix, along with Roy Mann, former CEO of Wix, to become a separate company named daPulse. And by July 2019, had raised a total of almost $235 million in seed funding, becoming it one of the most successful web and mobile application platforms for work management and collaboration.

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