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Google Drive
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Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud-based storage systems, enabling users to store documents, presentations, spreadsheets, photos, music, videos, and other files, in a secure place. On top of that, it automatically syncs data between computers and mobile devices. In this way, every device linked to a user's Google account sees the updates and changes made in the file documents.

Individual users who need a basic sharing capacity receive up to 15 GB of storage space. However, large enterprises can opt to pay up to $299.99 for 30 TB of storage instead. In addition, Google Drive saves changes made in documents for the past thirty days, allowing the redo or undo of accidental modifications and alterations. Google Drive also relies on Google search and uses familiar Google features, like image recognition when browsing and categorizing photos.

Functions Google Drive

Google Drive features plenty of useful and innovative functions that have developed the cloud-based storage environment to what it is known today. Some of the most prominent ones are collaboration tools, data storage management, drag and drop, encryption, offline document management, and remote access/control.


  • Web - Web-based / Cloud
  • Windows - installed
  • Mac - installed
  • iOS - iPhone / iPad
  • Android - Smartphone

Specs Google Drive

Google Drive is web-based, and therefore it does not have heavy system requirements. It runs smoothly on every computer system and portable device without issues or inconveniences. Users will need to have only a broadband internet connection to access it.

  • Max GB

Pricing Google Drive

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Reviews Google Drive

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    Since Google Drive is cloud-based, it is easily accessible from any computer or mobile device. If you have a broadband internet connection, that is. On top of that, Google Drive is super easy to use and is a fantastic file storage option for enterprises. Also, it offers a reliable office suite free of charge. So, there is no need to invest in expensive programs.

    Google Drive has tools that increase productivity and collaboration between businesses and internal departments. Some of these are Google Calendar, Hangouts, and Meet. To access them, users have to own a Google account, which most people already have. With such a handy platform, consumers can perfectly manage their contacts and every business need.

    Google Drive's core value is that it offers ample storage with no extra cost. Users get access to a massive storage capacity from the get-go. In this way, they can store lots of files without losing any space. While sharing files with other team members, Google Drive enables users to search for them and edit them online in real-time. And if additional space is required, users can get 100 GB more for $1.99 a month. That said, the initial free 15 GB storage seems enough for those using Google Drive for personal non-business purposes.

    Google Drive also has amazing integration with third-party business tools, such as Shutterfly. On top of that, Google Drive can be accessed anywhere, even without installing the desktop app. Consumers can use the software just by opening their web browsers. When creating a document, users can share it with other people and give them the ability to edit it. And Google Drive also offers offline editing of documents. When connecting back online, the software updates the document versions stored in the cloud so everyone can view the latest file version.

    By being cloud-based, Google Drive offers a secure way to store files than saving them on a local hard disk. In this way, files cannot get deleted or removed. On top of that, Google Drive can recognize files of different formats. Therefore, team collaboration and productivity increase, reaching new levels.

    Navigating through several Google Drive folders, however, is a bit confusing. And integration with Amazon S3 and similar apps would be a godsend too. In addition, while being able to access Google Drive, as simple as having a Gmail account is great. But at a second glance, it feels a bit restrictive. It would nice, therefore, if Google allows users without a Gmail account to access the software.

    Another downside of Google Drive has to do when users upload a Microsoft Word document. The formatting is adjusted when you start working on it. That is not cool. And internet connection is mandatory. You cannot take full advantage of Google Drive's features if you are offline. Moreover, Google Drive could provide better security to keep sensitive information and data safe. Since nearly everyone on a team has access to the software, there comes the risk of breach.

    Google Drive launched in April 2012. In November 2013, Google announced that it had 120 million active users. Two years later, in October 2014, Google Drive had 240 million active users. In March 2017, that number increased even more as it reached 800 million active users, with Google announcing in May of the same year that, at that time, there were over two trillion files stored on Google Drive. As part of the Google family, the app is headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States.

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