About Softpare.com

About Softpare.com

We are a comparative website for software. We help people find, compare, and select the best software to match their business and personal goals. The mission of Softpare is to build the best comparative website in the world. In every aspect of Softpare we put our users first.

Softpare core functions are comparing different software and selecting the best software for your goals. We also find software alternatives for you to use and discover new software in your branch—no matter what that may be, know that we have got you covered.

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs with years of experience and proven track records, Softpare is based in the Netherlands. The Softpare team, however, works worldwide as a remote but dedicated unit.

Our personal goal is to Coach, Learn and Grow in life. The best thing in life is coaching people, helping them grow and reach their life goals.

This philosophy defines our work as a team and organization. And we try to carry it over to our website to help our users.

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