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Sketch is a vector graphics editor available only for Mac. It comes with a comprehensive toolkit allowing designers, artists, or even painters to create digital masterpieces.

With Sketch, users can apply myriads of modifications and effects without fear of losing or harming their original data file. Sketch enables this feature through a non-destructive editing feature. It allows users to experiment with their designs. In this way, whatever comes to mind can also appear on the digital screen without worry.

On top of that, Sketch integrates with the rest of Apple's ecosystem, like the iOS and iPad OS. Users can see on their iOS devices a live preview of their designs. That helps to get a better understanding of how they look across different screens. Designers can also access support via Sketch Cloud and receive immediate and thorough answers to queries.

Functions Sketch

Sketch provides users with many features that have must be tried at least once. In fact, some of them seem indispensable, constituting a smooth user experience. The most powerful of Sketch's features are Library and Symbol. Even though they are a bit complicated, users should invest time in learning and mastering them.


  • Collaborate (realtime)
  • Plugins
  • Cloud Storage
  • Online design presentation
  • Templates

Pricing Sketch

Sketch offers a single enterprise pricing plan for users at $99. The app has a Free Trial too. For one year pricing plan you get: One Year Free Updates, One Year Free Sketch Cloud, Mirror App, License Management

Furthermore, licenses can be renewed and extended to include additional users. And teachers, students, and educational staff have a fifty percent discount. Likewise, Universities can obtain Sketch without cost—for free. Interested users need to contact Sketch customer service for additional information.

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Reviews Sketch

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    As an app design tool, Sketch is ideal for businesses of all sizes that need assistance with vector editing, collaboration, and prototyping. It is also great for individual artists or designers wishing to see their sketches coming to life digitally.

    Here are the main advantages of Sketch:

    Exporting Capabilities

    Sketch has incredible sharing capabilities. It enables artists to use their creations in other apps by allowing them to export codes and presets. In this way, Sketch is not limited to its own functions—it promotes collaboration and app synergy.

    Smart Guides & Grids

    Object alignment is extremely important in designing. And that is something Sketch developers understand entirely. For this reason, Sketch comes with smart guides and grids, letting users place and move objects with ultimate precision.

    Reusable Elements

    The Symbols feature is another great function of Sketch. It enables designers to create avatars or icons and save them to the cloud for later use. Users, consequently, do not have to constantly recreate these elements in other areas of their design projects. Symbols are even fully customizable and can be modified on the go.

    Collaborative App

    A great feature of Sketch is the ability to collaborate with teammates and remote associates. To achieve this, users have to use the Libraries function, where designers share symbols and elements uploaded by others for their own tasks. That makes work processes fast and efficient, allowing every team member to stay updated about the progress of projects and ahead of workflow.

    Non-Destructive Editing

    That is one of the most crucial features of Sketch. How many times in the past, an image was lost for good after a change? Thankfully, Sketch provides artists with a safety net, as they can modify their images without fear of losing them. They can always revert back to the original iteration whenever they like, without data loss.

    Community Support

    In today's world, fast app support is vital. But there may be times when customer service cannot answer user queries immediately. With Sketch, however, users have access to a fantastic online community of other dedicated Sketch users. So, whenever they need help with something, they can post their concern on Sketch Cloud and receive immediate feedback. Peace of mind!

    However, not everything is roses when it comes to Sketch, and any software in particular. For instance, when working in a team, everyone must be on the same version of Sketch. If not, glitches tend to happen to the files saved under older versions. Also, many users transition into making print-ready designs from Sketch, using the software exclusively as a creative tool. It would be nice, therefore, to see better print-ready features integrated into Sketch.

    Another minor inconvenience would be features that enable 3D model creation and extra control over vector editing, curves, and person. Additional animation functionalities would also be nice to have

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