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Semrush is the most renowned SEO solution for marketing professionals, offering a complete marketing toolset. Semrush's mission is to make online marketing approachable. It has an interactive interface and provides dynamic SEO features, including Keyword Research, Advertising Research, Analytics Reports, Backlinks Research, and Market Explorer, among others. It includes tools that provide social media statistics and can even be used to schedule posts across social media platforms.

Semrush's interface is visual, as graphics generate automatically. It is so intuitive that conducting analysis and domain comparison is a matter of a few seconds. In addition, the SEO Writing Assistant is incredibly helpful, as it helps to optimize written content based on Google's Top 10 competitive websites. With the writing assistant, users can increase content readability and implement effective keywords that increase traffic and social media interactivity.

Moreover, Semrush offers PPC Keyword Tool and Ad Builder tools to customize campaigns. The PPC tool collects keywords from multiple channels, which then users polish according to recommendations. Similarly, the Ad Builder tool is indispensable, as, by using it, users build from scratch responsive HTLM ads for Google campaigns. To sum it up, Semrush has a comprehensive toolset, offering users every marketing tool they might have wished for.

Functions Semrush

Considering how powerful Semrush is, it is no surprise how many phenomenal marketing tools it offers. There are so many that you do not know from where to start: Organic Research, Ad Builder, SEO Reporting, SEO Writing Assistant, Charts, Keyword Research, Audience Insights, Content Analyzer, Advertising Research, Position Tracking, Backlink Audit Tool, and Social Media Poster, to name a few.


  • Website audit
  • Ranking reports
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • White label
  • Backlinks

Specs Semrush

Semrush is accessible through a Web browser, and, as such, it does not require a high-end computing system to run smoothly and lag-free. That said, it is resource-hungry, especially the SEO Writing Assistant tool. A decent amount of RAM is recommended for the best possible user experience, therefore.

  • Projects
    3 - 25 projects
  • SEO
    Keyword tracking, on-page report, website audit
  • SEA
    PPC Keyword tool, Keyword research
  • Reports
    Scheduled reporting, Data Studio integration, branded reporting
  • Best for
    Big online marketing agencies

Pricing Semrush

Semrush has four subscription plans priced according to the offered features and the size of the enterprise. There is no free plan, but there is a 7-Day Free Trial to see what subscription package is best for you.

That said, every Semrush package commands a high price, and, thus, it is targeted towards large businesses. The Pro plan costs $119.95 per user, per month, the Guru plan $229.95 per user, per month, and the Business plan $499.95 per user, per month. The Enterprise plan does not have a set price. Users interested in it have to contact Semrush for the pricing details.

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    With Semrush, users can view and monitor website traffic, and in a way, gauge the visibility of their content on the Web. The software enables them also to see relevant keywords and compare them to those of competitors. Other visibility tools include domain comparisons, CPC Map, On-Page SEO Checker, Organic Traffic Insights, and Brand Monitoring, among others. Also, Semrush enables the monitoring and tracking of users' online visibility, a feature applying to both paid and organic searches.

    Optimized SEO Content Marketing

    Furthermore, Semrush helps users to optimize content marketing. It lets users know which keywords they own and for which ones they have to strive. Second, Semrush has the Content Analyzer function. It measures content's SEO and social performance. In this way, it analyzes user behavior, social media shares and discovers websites that contain links to users' content. On top of that, the SEO Writing Assistant tool assists users to optimize their content with target keywords, plus it offers a plagiarism detection tool, too.

    Efficient PLA Management

    With Semrush, users can manage and organize product listing ads (PLAs) in Google Shopping campaigns in a super-efficient way. For instance, Semrush allows them to determine Google Shopping competitors by checking the number of common keywords. By learning what keywords trigger traffic for rival PLAs in paid search results, users optimize their tactics, thus, increasing their own traffic. In addition, with this tool, they get to view how competitors optimize their PLAs to adjust theirs accordingly.

    Endless Keyword Database

    Semrush enables users to run keyword searches, helping them build their own PPC and SEO campaigns. By doing so, users have access to relevant data for keyword research. Number-wise, Semrush offers an incredible 20 billion keywords. It is by far the largest keyword database available on the market.

    Run PPC Campaigns Successfully

    As mentioned above, Semrush is not only great when monitoring organic search results, but it helps users prepare, strategize, and execute PPC campaigns. To do that, it collects keywords from multiple channels and helps with cross-match negative keywords. Users, consequently, can focus on the keywords that matter to the audience, excluding unnecessary search terms. For inexperienced users, Semrush provides a recommendation tool, letting them remove useless search elements and duplicates. So, PPC campaigns are as optimized as possible.

    Detailed SEO Reports

    Semrush also lets users create attractive and appealing reports and export them in PDF format. Plus, branded and white-label reports that can be used in tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be exported, too, to have them available at any moment. As such, Semrush has the whole package when it comes to online marketing tools. It has Content Optimization, SEO Content Template, Content Audit, Brand Monitoring, and SEO Writing Assistant features. Plus, it offers an in-depth analysis of backlinks, markers, and scores. What more could any marketing professional want in an SEO platform to take their marketing content to the next level?

    Semrush does not have many downsides. How could it? It is the most reliable SEO solution, almost perfect. However, some users claim that the SEO data is inaccurate and outdated. This rationale stems from the fact that Semrush does not integrate with Google AdWords. Users, therefore, cannot incorporate their Semrush findings with Google Analytics. They miss the opportunity of having a complete information package comprised of data from the two leading keyword solutions. Some improvements on the backlink tool would be nice, too, though. Considering, however, how active the Semrush team is, the improvements will definitely not take too long to arrive.

    Furthermore, Semrush crashes occasionally, with users having to re-do their analysis from scratch. Another downside that needs to be fixed, the soonest, is that when trying to switch from desktop to laptop, Semrush forces users to log in again. Running the software on two different computers at the same time from one account would be absolutely fantastic.

    Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov, SEO fans interested in industry developments and innovative technologies, desired to build a solution that could recognize and analyze market trends. Hence, in 2008 they founded Semrush. First launched as Seodigger, the tool was renamed to SeoQuake Company in 2007 until it eventually rebranded into Semrush. In 2016, it reached 1 million users with active clients in over 100 countries. In March 2021, Semrush announced $125 million earnings in 2020 and more than 67,000 subscription members. Semrush is headquartered in Boston, United States.

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