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Google Docs

  • Free

Google Docs is an online word processing solution, providing users with a cloud-based platform for writing, editing, and managing text. Google Docs is powerful and can be used effectively by individuals for personal reasons, work, or educational purposes.

Google Sheet

  • Free

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet solution designed to help businesses collaborate with clients to create, manage, and edit data on spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel

  • Industry standard

Microsoft Excel is one of the longest-running spreadsheet solutions, and it is part of the Microsoft Office suite. For over twenty years, Excel has been the industry-standard spreadsheet software, and, therefore, it is used widely by almost every enterprise and individual.

Microsoft Word

  • Industry standard

Microsoft Word is the world's most famous word processing solution, widely used by individuals and businesses. It is powerful, offering a plethora of formatting options, as it helps users create, edit, view, and share attractive documents.

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