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WordPress is a CMS app that started as a blogging platform but moved quickly towards a full-fledged CMS model. It offers users an ever-increasing number of widgets, themes, and plugins to customize their websites as much as they desire.

To use WordPress is simple, as all users need is an email address. Then, they have to sign up for the app and obtain their own address. Within minutes, their website is ready. The only thing needed now is to download the required script and install it. Users can opt to host their websites on for free but without a personalized URL address.

Functions Wordpress

As the leading CMS solution, WordPress is packed with incredible features that promote creativity and content creation. Some of the best ones are User Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Plugins, Custom Content, built-in Comment Systems, Themes, Publishing Tools, and Application Framework.


  • Web - Web-based / Cloud
  • Windows - installed
  • Mac - installed
  • iOS - iPhone / iPad
  • Android - Smartphone

Specs Wordpress

WordPress is a lightweight software. Users, therefore, do not need a high-end computing system to run it. That said, a broadband internet connection is mandatory to publish content online. You can access the software via a Web browser or by downloading and installing the relevant desktop app.

  • plugins
    58.000 plugins available
  • webshop
    can be added as plugins
  • worldwide website
    455 million websites

Pricing Wordpress

Wordpress pricing

The Wordpress CMS is free to use. The costs for a Wordpress website consist of:

Wordpress Theme

You got basically 3 options. You can buy a standard theme, you can make your own theme or let someone else create your Wordpress theme. The most standaard themes are priced between $29 - $59 and must be payed yearly.

Building a normal custom theme yourself takes between 20 - 80 hours. If you hire a company to design and build your theme it will cost you between $2000 - 8000.

Wordpress Maintenance

To keep your Wordpress website up to date and secure it is important to maintain your website on a monthly base. It toke 1 or 2 hours a month for a Wordpress installation.

Wordpress Hosting

The hosting of Wordpress website will cost between $75 - $200 on yearly base.

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Reviews Wordpress

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    Since 2003, when WordPress first launched, it has been considered one of the most popular and effective blogging and content management software. The greatest advantage of WordPress is its easiness of use and approachable interface. Even non-tech-savvy users can create content and publish it on WordPress, making collaboration between content creators of different technological expertise a fluent and smooth experience. Adding new content, blog posts, images, or video is a fun process that anyone can do it.

    Furthermore, through WordPress, managing websites on the go from any computing device is possible. WordPress is a self-maintaining and self-contained system, so there is no need for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software or HTML editing as in competitive blogging software.

    Personalized Websites

    Choose from thousands of templates or create one of your own, as, with WordPress, the design of websites is one-hundred percent customizable. In fact, there are so many themes available that you can experiment with as much as you like. In this way, time spent on website development is cut down, which is a significant resource in large enterprises. On top of that, developers constantly develop new WordPress themes and plugins. Hence, if you are looking for something specific widget to add to your website, there is a high chance it will already exist. This variety of customization options enabled WordPress to be considered the most valuable content management system (CMS) available.

    Third-Party Integration

    Also, WordPress integrates with several third-party marketing apps, such as MailChimp, Zapier, Zendesk, LiveChat, Campaign Monitor, and Active Campaign. Therefore, increasing website traffic and analyzing the audience is a piece of cake with WordPress. Customizing your content to the preferences of the audience has never been easier.

    Amazing Community Support

    Another great feature of WordPress is the active community. Having such a dynamic community is bliss. It is always available to answer queries and offer support. However, WordPress might be fantastic, overall, but it does have some issues, too. For instance, sometimes (more often than not) themes and plugins do not function properly. When that happens, addressing the community is the best choice, as they immediately help fix the problem.

    Similarly, in the free version, embedding Java Scripts is not possible, which is a bummer. The lack of comment filters is important, too, as it is not cool having to delete spam manually. Moreover, the SEO plugin is not that helpful. And some templates are very limiting, so if your website is detailed, this can be a problem, as well. The option to preview the HTML editing on style sheets without publishing first would be Godsend, also. In addition, increased customization would be great, as there are too many folders that need to be customized. As a final note, plugins are memory-hungry and require a lot of RAM to run smoothly, without lag.

    WordPress was released in May 2003 by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. By October 2009, WordPress was considered the greatest of any open-source CMS. In May 2021, WordPress is used by almost sixty-five percent of all the websites whose CMS is known, reflecting forty percent of the top 10 million websites.

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