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Adobe Photoshop CC is a superb image, photo, and design editing software, utilized by photographers, designers, web developers, and artists. Adobe Photoshop CC is part of Adobe Creative Cloud service that gives access to subscribers to a collection of innovative software used for photo editing, web development, and mobile app design. In addition, users can create posters, banners, and icons via the support of user-friendly templates. The app also offers professional photography tools that help create and improve pictures to such an extent that they can become a work of art.

Furthermore, Adobe Photoshop CC enhances paintings, illustrations, and even 3D artwork. To do that, it presents users with distinctive patterns and advanced brushes, allowing them to bring digital masterpieces to life. Plus, the app features many tools that are considered staples in the industry. These include brush management and smoke smoothing, paint symmetry, luminance masking controls, Lightroom photo access, quick share menu with direct upload to each user's website, and premium fonts, to name a few.

Functions Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CC has several high-quality functions that constitute it one of the best image and design software, built exclusively for photographers and designers.


  • Collaborate (realtime)
  • Plugins
  • Cloud Storage
  • Online design presentation
  • Templates

Specs Photoshop

Since Adobe Photoshop CC is targeted at professionals and is designed for complex photo editing, it needs quite the computing power to run smoothly. You can run it on the minimum requirements, but that does not guarantee a stress-free experience as occasional lags and freezes will appear, harming the user experience.

  • Output
    png, jpg, pdf, psd, gif

Pricing Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CC can be purchased as a standalone app for individuals or enterprises or as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud software.

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Reviews Photoshop

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    The latest version of Abode Photoshop CC offers new brush features and the creation of smoother lines and brush strokes. Users working with brush, pencil, or eraser tools benefit from the smoothing control. It allows an entry of a value between 0 and 100. The closer it is to 100, the greater the quality and smoothness of the brush strokes.

    What makes Adobe Photoshop CC distinctive, however, is the three-stroke smoothing modes. These are: Stroke Catch Up, Catch Up On Stroke End, and Pulled String. In Stroke Catch Up mode, users paint and pause. Then, the app catches up the stroke to the current position of the mouse cursor. Regarding Catch Up On Stroke End mode, users can draw or drag a straight line from the last paint position until they release the mouse or stylus from their control. Finally, with the Pulled String mode, the change of the strokes' direction is a breeze.

    Via Adobe Photoshop CC, users can also adjust exposure, contrast, tint, shadows, and sharpness on their images. On top of that, the app has color and luminescence range masking controls. These allow the selection of specific pixel color and luminescence values within photos. In this way, when users make local changes, the adjustments are applied to light, dark, or colored regions on the images without affecting or altering the adjacent areas.

    As a final note, Adobe Photoshop CC provides access to Lightroom photos from the Start Screen. That is so helpful as users can edit their Lightroom photos stored in the cloud on devices that do not have the Adobe Lightroom app (photo processor and image organizer) installed. After editing their Lightroom images, Photoshop will send them to Adobe Lightroom. From there, they will be added to the Lightroom Library automatically.

    And be aware that Adobe Photoshop enables users to share their projects directly from the app. They can even share them with social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, or business services, like OneNote, Feedback Hub, and Skype, among others.

    A slight downside of Adobe Photoshop CC, however, is its complexity as an image editing tool. Initially, beginners might find the interface difficult to take in one's stride. Another issue would be that there is less support for vector graphics, and high-quality graphics are challenging to render. Furthermore, consumers using previous Photoshop versions may find that the new input features do not have the same appeal. As a consequence, most users end up not utilizing Photoshop to its full extend. That said, Adobe Photoshop CC is still superior to similar apps and remains an industry leader.

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