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Webflow is a web design tool that allows users to create and design websites in a simple manner, without needing to code. The solution hosts completed websites or can export code for other hosting sites such as WordPress.

On top of that, with Webflow, web designers can be very creative. The site builder is powerful and flexible, supporting CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. And it offers a plethora of designs, too. For example, trigger-based interactions, animations, and typography families are some of the included design elements.

Webflow is a seriously phenomenal tool because it pretty much cuts down funds that would have been spent in outsourcing for coding. In a way, therefore, it economizes website creation. Web designers do not have to outsource for coding, but they can design and build websites themselves. Consequently, the app makes the website creation process less expensive, which is fantastic.

Functions Webflow

The software has an endless list of features that will satisfy even the most demanding website designers. In fact, the number of features Webflow has is intimidating. Some of the available functions include rich text, lightbox, HTLM embed codes, content templates, project organization, SEO Optimization, 24/7 website monitoring, website backups, site password protection, total creative control, and XML sitemap, to name a few.


  • Web - Web-based / Cloud
  • Windows - installed
  • Mac - installed
  • iOS - iPhone / iPad
  • Android - Smartphone

Specs Webflow

Webflow does not require a high-end computing system to run fluently, but having a desktop with a decent RAM amount and an SSD helps tremendously. Designing website animations and testing mockups require a modernized rig, after all.

  • plugins
    not plugins possible
  • webshop
    simple shop included
  • worldwide website
    250.000 websites

Pricing Webflow

Webflow has several Server Message Block (SMB) and business pricing plans for users to choose from. Some are designed for freelancers, web designers, and creative teams.

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Reviews Webflow

I am impressed how Webflow brings you to the end result. It is an easy CMS.

  • "No code knowledge needed"
  • "Limited"
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Webflow has one job: to make creating and designing websites a simple process. And it does an excellent job at that. With Webflow, designers can change the visual elements of a website without having to write code. Each time a designer changes a website element, Webflow writes the code that corresponds to that change. So, designers can take that code and use it on other web hosting platforms, too. Webflow seriously makes website designing a piece of cake.

Effective Designing

Webflow also offers many design tools, with designers never running out of solutions to feed their creativity. From color tools to font families, anything that designers may need to unlock their creative potential is readily available from the get-go.

Built-in Text Editor

The Webflow Editor is a flexible tool that writers use to add content to the website layout. The best thing is that the content updates instantaneously, so, within minutes, users can publish their content.

Manage Customized Content Efficiently

Except for enabling designers to create websites, Webflow lets them manage customized content. Anything they build, they organize it directly from Webflow, binding it to layouts and pages automatically.

Optimized SEO

The Open Graph tool is excellent, as content managers use it to manage a website's SEO settings. For instance, page titles and meta descriptions can be optimized from one place without the need for extra plugins or extravagant third-party solutions.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Collaboration is extremely important for design teams. In fact, it might be the most crucial factor in determining how successfully a project can be. Webflow offers a platform for colleagues to work together in an effort to create stunning and perfectly functional websites. Furthermore, clients can access that platform and have their say in real-time. So, they can edit, comment, and request changes, as they have immediate access to the work-in-progress anytime.

Great Hosting Platform

Webflow acts as a hosting platform, too, when a website is ready for publishing. Websites published via Webflow load fast and are smooth, and can manage high traffic from any place across the globe. Therefore, website designers need not worry whether their sites will offer SSL certificates and if they are HTT/2 compliant. Moreover, Webflow enables designers to connect their websites with several third-party apps, including Google Analytics, Google Domain, and MailChimp.

However, not every user is satisfied with Webflow. The software is expensive, and the pricing scheme is not super attractive, too. Sometimes Webflow needs to refresh a couple of times before modifications are saved. At worse, Webflow crashes completely, so the work needs to be redone from scratch. In addition, the learning curve could be a bit steep, and there is still a fair share of programming required that non-developers find overwhelming. But the greatest disadvantage of Webflow is that you cannot buy the website. You have to keep your Webflow subscription active to access it.

Founded in 2013 by Vlad Magdalin, Sergie Magdalin, and Bryant Chou, Webfllow raised a $72 million Series A funding round led by Accel in 2019. In January 2021, the software raised $140 million in a Series B round of funding. The headquarters are in San Francisco in the United States.

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