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Jan van der MeerJan van der Meer
20 April 2022

SE Ranking website audit

The SE Ranking website audit is a comprehensive report that lists all the errors and issues that need to be fixed in order to improve your website's ranking in Google.

What is the SE Ranking

SE Ranking is started as a solution to tracking search engine optimization status. SE Ranking will show a list of your site's keyword positions on Google. SE Ranking did grow to a complete SEO suite, with keyword research, competitor research, and a website audit. And now SE ranking is one of the most used online marketing tools for optimizing webpages.

SEO Website Audit

The website audit is a report where you can read what to improve for better ranking results in de search engines. You can schedule the report to run weekly so you see the progress. The website audit is part of technical issues and also a lot of content issues.

How to start up the website audit

To start the website audit tool you have to add a new project to SEO tools. After adding the report SE ranking automatically starts the first website report. After the first report, you can change the project settings to create this report every week.

se ranking website audit

You can read the Se Ranking report in the SE ranking interface or in a PDF file, which can be sent to you weekly by email.

What is in the SE ranking report?

The most important part of the report gives the website audit tool a detailed issue list. This is a list of all the issues to improve, with the most critical errors first.

The report gives a health score for all the website pages, measures the website speed, checks for duplicate content gives the HTTP status code, do a link analysis for internal and external links.

Crawled pages

You can see the score for every page individually in the crawled pages score section. There are a lot of the same issues only listed by site pages.

seranking seo report

found resources

At the resources, you see a list of every HTML, CSS or javascript file your website uses. And give an overview of the file size and loading speed. This is a perfect list for speed optimization.

The report has a section about found links and crawl comparison. Both are useful to check on regular bases but not as impressive as the SE ranking's issue report.

How to use the Se Ranking Audit report

The website audit is very complete. You can use the Seo audit as a kind of to-do list for your technical and content department (or colleague). The best thing you can do is go to the SE Ranking interface, open your CMS system, and change the web pages which are listed in the website audit.

And of course, there are a lot technical things in the website issue report you have to optimize, like website speed, website security and other detected issues.

SE Ranking summarized

The SE Ranking website audit is a comprehensive report that lists all the errors and issues that need to be fixed in order to improve your website's ranking in search engines. The report is divided into two sections: technical issues and content issues. Technical issues are the most critical and include website speed, duplicate content, and HTTP status code.

Content issues include the health score for all pages and link analysis for internal and external links. The audit tool is a great way to get a detailed overview of your website's ranking in the search results and what needs to be done to improve it.

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