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4.0 / 5

    Forster child of Adobe

    the software doesn't feel like it is from Adobe. It is completely different. It isn't easy to use. To me it's expensive.

    • Testing prototypes could be better
    • collaboration is difficult with other
    • pricy

    One of the Best UI Design Software

    Adobe XD is very useful for designing software. and it is clear that Adobe has put a lot of effort into a dedicated UI and UX design tool. There are lots of advantages when using XD. I use it to plan out outlines. By using prototyping, I am able to create a realistic blueprints! Therefore, I very highly recommend Adobe XD to people who will be working on the design of software.

    • highly recommended for software designers!
    • non

    A amazing tool to help you develop your ideas

    Adobe XD is used for a digital product development process. It helps me to develop ideas for several clients whom understand the proces and may give feedback for goal reaching steps.

    • It's easy to use, similar to other Adobe products
    • Connects well with the Adobe library and other applications
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