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4.0 / 5

ClickUp has a lot of features and everyone loves it for that. And thats also the difficulty, maybe it are to many features and is it to flexible.

  • "a lot of features"
  • "affordable price plan"
  • "to complex"
  • " to many features"
  • "every two weeks new updates"

Game Changing Software

For me it is so comprehensible and I like the flexibility of ClickUp. I love the design. The features it has really assisting me in managing a small business. I struggle a bit in explaining the tool to others. It is a complicated tool and sharing this can be a challenge.

  • User interface
  • flexible
  • video documentation
  • complicated to share functionality

Lot of features, bad interface

ClickUp has a lot of features. I guess that what you mainly focussed on to be compariable with other products on the market. I don't like the User Experience and the interface at all. I'm very doubting what to do. Continue with ClickUp or get rid of it.

  • Great features
  • I don't like the UX and the user interface

I like clickup and Notion works better for me

I worked with Notion and really wanted ClickUp would work for me well. Unfortunately Notion does a better job. Addition of commands in ClickUp is a great function! I am the only one who's working with this app and I don't need this software that much. That is why Notion suits me much better.

  • Addition of command

Great project management

I used notion and Trello before. But now i switched to ClickUp. I like the workflow and everything I need for my project is possible. And ClickUp is updated every week.

  • Very Complete for projects
  • Not flexible
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