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3.3 / 5

    unpleasant experience

    I would recommend something else for everyone whom is searching for a CMS.

    • It looks good
    • composing post took so much time

    Happy for using Drupal

    After finishing a project with the use of Drupal we are convinced that Drupal continuous being used in our future projects!

    • one can make a complete implementation without spending money
    • easy to install/use
    • a nice administration interface to assist user about their performances
    • the cache system is annoying. It serves unwanted content.
    • somethings buttons are for decoration, they don't do any action.

    Drupel a CMS for a data-rich website

    After a long while we've change our CMS to Drupal after 10 years and it works great. The company and I are very happy for this change in CMS.

    • large support community
    • Open Source
    • greatly suited for large and data-rich websites
    • upgrading is challenging sometimes
    • customization of a certain aspect of the system because of working within the framework
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