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4.7 / 5

Most user loves Figma because it is easy to learn and use. You can just log in and use it.

  • "easy to use"

Use Figma to prototype

Figma is just great. We are using it for all our prototyping, collaborations and competitive analysis.

  • It is very easy to share within and outside the organization.
  • easy to use in general
  • host lots of content
  • a bit tricky when offline using it
  • Large files tend to slow down the workflow

Real Time collaboration is truly great

I've used Figma in the past when my company was searching for a cheaper, form of web-based solution that allowed us for real-time collaboration. We are very happy with Figma! Figma allows for ease of sharing and facilitating design feedback loops. Instead of having to use a plugin to a tool like InVision, we can quickly receive feedback within Figma and know that our comments are safely stored in the same place as the original designs.

  • No installation is needed. It's all web browser
  • Collaboration is real time
  • Quickly receiving feedback

Figma is just amazing

Our company is using Figma as our primary design tool for collaborating and sharing designs across our team and other teams. It combines the intuitive functionality of other design programs like Sketch and Photoshop.Also a great addition is the cloud based file storing and sharing. Figma makes collaborations easy and fun again

  • File Sharing and Collaboration is Great
  • User-friendly and stable
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