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4.3 / 5

Google Analytics is free and the standard for website analytics software. Most user are happy and like the Google Analytics Software.

  • "easy to install"
  • "free"

Very straight forward

So as a freelancer I started using Google Analytics for my website and it is a great tool. It informs me about the traffic to my site. It is a useful tool for me because it assists me and shows me what to change to influence traffic! I just love Google's progams

  • very clear
  • straight forward information
  • informative

Amazingly happy

Just a great tool for websites. I created serveral websites and I am using Google Analytics for all of those site. It's just amazing. Very happy about this!! I love the stats.

  • friendly to use
  • nice charts
  • amazing tool

User friendly

I really struggled using this software. Google Analytics was asking me the unthinkable. I was seeking online for answer and I discovered fortunately I'm not the online one who was challenged with this software. I definitely would be working with another analytical tool for my website!

  • online forums
  • unreliable
  • time consuming
  • complicated
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