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4.7 / 5

    Great for Sharing Stories

    I'm a writer whom is sharing stories with friends. Google Docs works as a charm. It is so easy to share with others. Same functionalities as MS Words. I can save those docs online so I'm happy. Honestly I'm happy I let go of MS Office. I had some bad experiences with their customer service. They ask lots of money. Thanks Google!

    • easy to use
    • Cheap
    • saving online
    • great alternative

    I like Google's Simplicity

    Like every Google application, Google docs is great for business. My companie's sharing docs with Google Docs as if one uses a mouse pad for a laptop/macbook. So great collaboration with collegues and my students. Even my student go with Google's flow. Student uploading their work and me and my collegues checking their work. During those restrictions we could continuously go on working.

    • easy to use
    • Works great for collaboration
    • it even words with MS Words
    • enough space to save docs.
    • I had some minor uploading issues

    Positive about Google Docs

    I'm a Microsoft fan and I need to admit Google Docs works great. See I'm on the fence now. I'm also comparing MS Office with all other Google applications. And It breaks my MS-heart. Google is creating great applications. Docs has a great UI which look a bit like Word. Uploading and sharing docs works easily and it is compatible with MS works...

    • Works with MS Word
    • great collaboration options
    • enough storage space
    • the basic is free of charge
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