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4.3 / 5

    Overall view

    For me its a great tool as a student I'm sharing documents and down- and uploading files. I'm also using different app to access.

    • lots of free space
    • 3rd party apps
    • no data encryption
    • Privacy concerns

    great tool for personal use

    I have lots of free storage to store my documents. I even can create my own documents and import them into MS Office Lots of google apps are connected with Google Drive.

    • Lots of free storage
    • Cross-platform apps
    • desktop to desktop file-syncing
    • locally stored
    • No password-protecton for shared files

    accessibilty of Google Drive

    all the team members' data and attendance it tracked by Google Sheets and the sharing of important policy updates or macro [with] team members.

    • Records attendance
    • Sharing docs
    • easy to use
    • very accessible to files
    • more free storage space
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