Google Meet
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4.7 (3 reviews)
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4.7 / 5

    Very suitable for school

    I like the way everthing works. Working from home with my collegues works greatly. My students could work together on a distance to work on their projects.

    • great functions
    • working at home
    • simple and easy for all users

    Alternative to Zoom

    We made use of GM because it is cheaper than Zoom and with the G Suit pruchase we hadn't any issues with accessing account or licensing.

    • Cost less than Zoom
    • Suitable for working at home
    • Less to no issues with licensing
    • Relearning Google Meet was a bit of hassle

    For me the most used form of online communication

    It works greatly with Gmail and other Google applications. After the update of Hangouts when one can add a phone number it became even better.

    • works great with other Google Applications
    • I like the interface. It is very clear and easy to use
    • Organisations which make use of a firewall are blocking this tool
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