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3.3 / 5

It works very well. The auto-save functionality is amazing.

  • "Great for uploading and storing files"
  • "Amazing sharing function"
  • "Missing some functions"

I have some challenges with the web version of Google Sheet Multiple column filters are difficult to create. In general its a great application. I tend to compare it with Excel. For example, importing a csv-file I prefer doing this in Excel. I feel Excel is more intelligent and has much more functions to use.

  • Great for uploading and storing files
  • amazing sharing function
  • Web version issues
  • Missing some functions

Satified with Google Sheets

It works very good. The auto-save functionality is amazing. In the past I lost several documents because of not saving frequently enough When I compare Sheets with MS Excel, it needs to improve much more. The Grafics that are made are not the best format. It's not that easy to change the font, the color etc. Those are minor thing and still I would like Google to improve it.

  • easy
  • great UI
  • collaboration is easy with collegues
  • changing grafics font and color is some what an issue
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