Pricing Moz

Moz has four pricing plans for users and businesses to choose from. The Standard Plan costs $99 per month, per user, the Medium Plan $149 per month, per user, the Large Plan $249 per month, per user, while the Premium plan is the most expensive one, retailing at $599, per month, per user. Moz, however, offers a free 30-Day Trial plan, too.

Moz Pricingbilled monthlybilled yearly
3 campaigns, 300 keywords
$ 99.00/user /month$ 79.00/user /month
10 campaigns, 800 keywords, Branded Reports
$ 149.00/user /month$ 119.00/user /month
25 campaigns, 1900 keywords, Branded Reports, 3 seats
$ 249.00/user /month$ 119.00/user /month
50 campaigns, 4500 keywords, Branded Reports, 5 seats
$ 599.00/user /month$ 479.00/user /month
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