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Jan van der MeerJan van der Meer
23 February 2022

Figma plugins for designers

Designers can't do without Figma plugins. Here are the best Figma plugins, which are essential for every designer. Figma plugins make Figma complete.

Our top 5 Figma plugins:


The Unsplash Figma plugin is a great way to quickly and easily insert high-quality images into your designs. With just a few clicks, you can import beautiful photos from Unsplash into your Figma projects. This plugin is a must-have for any designer.

Unsplash Figma plugin screenshot

Unsplash website

Batch Styler

Batch Styler is a Figma plugin that lets you change multiple colors and fonts at once. With just a few clicks, you can update the whole design system with a single click. This plugin is essential for any designer.

Styler figma plugin

Batch Styler website


Iconify is Figma's largest library of icons, with over 100 sets of icons containing over 100,000 individual icons. With Iconify, you can quickly and easily insert high-quality icons into your Figma designs. Iconify also includes a wide variety of icon sets to choose from, so you can find the perfect icons for your project.

figma plugin iconfly

Iconify website


With Figma's Isometric plugin, you can create isometric layers in seconds. This plugin is essential for any designer who wants to create isometric designs quickly and easily.

isometric plugin for figma

Isometric figma plugin website


The Figma Chart plugin is a powerful tool for creating charts and graphs. With the Chart plugin, you can create charts quickly and easily, using real or random data. The Chart plugin supports a wide variety of chart types, so you can find the perfect chart for your project. The Chart plugin also includes a range of features to help you create beautiful, professional-quality charts.

plugin figma chart

Chart plugin Website

Your Figma plugin

Figma plugins are essential for Figma designers. Figma is a complete design tool, but it's not perfect without these Figma plugins that make Figma complete and better than ever! These Figma plugins to help you insert high-quality images, change multiple colors and fonts at once, add icons to your designs in seconds or create charts with ease. Which of these Figma Plugins you think would be the most valuable? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Figma is the best way to design and share your ideas with others. It has an intuitive interface, where you can create interactive prototypes of websites or apps that are easy for other people on different teams within a company - all from one place!

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