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Jan van der MeerJan van der Meer
15 June 2021

Trello review

Overall, Trello Enterprise is perfect for larger organizations and administrators who want absolute control over and visibility into what happens with their team’s boards. If you’re planning on using Trello beyond personal use for a side project, go with Trello Standard. This will help put you and your team in a position to succeed. Automatically add proof comments and replies to Trello cards to keep team members up to date on proof activity. Team management software is a solution that assists a person to communicate, manage and collaborate... Roadmap Planner is a collaborative roadmap planning tool with numerous features to boost...

When looking at Trello free vs paid, you get quite a feature jump when you move to the paid plans. The Business Class plan is designed for small or medium-sized businesses who want more Trello features at an economical price. A fun feature that we found in our Trello review was the ability to change the backgrounds of your project boards.

Trello reviews 2022

Trello is one of the most popular project management and collaboration software options on the market, for good reason. Its user interface is very intuitive, and it offers a generous free tier plan, which makes it very accessible for teams at all stages of growth. For a free product, Trello is an excellent project management tool that can assist users with completing projects on time. Trello allows users to communicate with board members through using the commenting feature and by assigning members to cards. The ability to assign due dates and integrate those due dates into a personal calendar is especially useful. Furthermore, through the use of labels and due date notifications, Trello allows users to get a visual snapshot of project progress.

Trello review

Trello is very user friendly and highly accessible on mobile devices and on desktop. Files can be attached not only from a device but also from Google drive which is a huge plus. Trello is a cloud-based visual collaboration solution that can be used by organizations of any size to plan tasks and projects. It helps users define projects, requirements and workflows to ensure they are completed in a planned and sequential manner. It organizes projects into boards and provides a peek into ongoing projects and tasks. Trello is a collaboration and project management tool that enables teams to move work forward.

trello app review

Development teams can rename columns to turn Trello’s Kanban boards into handy tools for sprint planning, product backlog, user stories, etc. Sprint masters or product owners can assign cards to team members, add due dates to cards, and more. And once team members click on a card, they can see all of the essential info they need to tackle the task. Team members can use the discussion feature to message one another, tag members with the @ symbol, and organize their work.

To meet users’ needs, Trello offers various levels of service at different price points. Trello is a visual collaboration tool for planning tasks and projects. While commonly used by agile software development teams, the solution is also used in other departments such as marketing, sales, support and HR. The web-based solution provides tools to define projects, their requirements and the workflow to ensure projects are completed in a planned sequential manner. Trello offers a digital board to create, organize and prioritize actions. Administrators or managers can even define workflows, assign tasks to individuals or teams, set deadlines and monitor progress.

  • You can use Trello on the web, or download dedicated desktop or mobile apps .
  • Hey@Tim Malone- most parts of the connectors were created by Microsoft so unfortunately they're the ones who can assist.
  • There's an Enterprise plan that customers can opt for if you need more than 100 users to have access to the platform.

This is especially important with the rise of remote workforces and mobile offices. It's free, kanji board style scrum style planning software. Perfect for keeping a to do list and a agile environment from within trello. Everyone has left for Monday and Slack and I still use trello and it gets the job done just fine.

trello review 2022

While Asana does offer some to its free members, only premium members have access to the whole template library. With Trello, you can use any of the available templates for free, and can even create your own for others to use. Asana does allow you to integrate with more apps for free though, so depending on what you’re looking for either tool can be a great fit. I’ve used Trello Free to manage both my personal and professional projects.

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And to break down tasks even further, users can add checklists to display mini-tasks and any progress towards completion. As such, it functions like a digital Kanban board complete with boards, lists, and cards that make projects much easier to visualize and tackle. To let team members know where specific tasks stand, items are split into columns that carry the To-Do, Doing, and Done labels. Trello employs drag and drop functionality for ease of use so cards can be moved around as needed. However, if you run a large business, Trello might not be the most expansive, cost-effective application for your project management needs. If your large business could benefit from more scalable project management software, read our LiquidPlanner and Workfront reviews before dedicating yourself to a specific tool.

trello project management review

Trello is a project management application that utilizes Kanban boards , cards , and lists to move tasks or organize your resource materials in real-time. As with Kanban, the app lets you manage multiple projects simultaneously through visual ticklers. Trello’s greatest successes come from its simplicity and ease-of-use.

Indy has one plan — Pro Bundle — for $5.99, which provides complete access to the Indy platform. Hence, the value you get from Indy is way higher than Trello. The most valuable feature is the fact that I can see everything on one page, like sticky notes, and everything is set up.

Trello's Power-Ups offer increased functionality to any board. If that's something your team really values in a solution, it may be worth it to level up to the Essential plan. While it costs a minimum of $10/user, it offers more comprehensive features that will undoubtedly serve large teams. Trello is known for its cards, which is the basic building block of its functionality.

trello reviews

Things can be easily dragged and dropped right where they need to be. Team members can be assigned to a task in a similar manner or can be invited via email to a certain task. Both the mobile and desktop UIs are very efficient and easy to use. The checklist feature on the task cards is great for assigning items for different team members to do. When they finish an activity, they simply check the box and it posts a notification on the task and the main project screen. The labeling system is also quite useful to see at a quick glance the entire project.

trello business class review

You could compare these prices with more traditional project management apps, some of which now offer kanban board functionality within them, but it might get messy. Some project management apps charge per person per month and others charge a fee for up to a certain number of users. The lowest cost project management apps charge less than $10 per person per month. For instance, the 'Butler' power-up allows you to automate your boards using rules, scheduled actions, and custom buttons.

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This project management system is geared towards enhanced productivity in a modern workforce. The brains trust behind Trello’s development created the prototype of Trello in 2011. By 2012, the company boasted 500,000 global members and by 2014 this figure spiked to 4.75 million users. As one of the most sophisticated tools on the market, Trello is often billed as an empowerment system for managing teams and projects across the world. Team members can easily follow the project management cycle from inception to completion on Trello. You can create color-coded labeling conventions, design automation rules, assign users to tasks, create subtasks within lists, and bring on new users to your workspaces.

trello review

They aren't bad, but they also aren't nearly as powerful as the native reporting and time estimation features found in LiquidPlanner, which is a high-end project management app. LiquidPlanner can, for instance, reconfigure an entire timeline of interdependent tasks if even one person misses a deadline. The Business Class ($12.50 per person per month or $119.88 per person per year) and Enterprise accounts let you use an unlimited number of Power-Ups per board. They also both have a 250MB size limit for uploads and let you create an unlimited number of team boards.

It’s worth noting that Trello Enterprise doesn’t necessarily accommodate more advanced projects. The software simply adds functionality to simple projects on a larger scale. With Trello Enterprise, you’ll benefit from unlimited command runs across your entire team. If you have 10, 20, or 30+ team members, you’ll definitely want to upgrade to this package. It’s also a great option for organizations with several departments that need to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

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I recommend Trello to individuals managing small to medium-sized projects and teams at the personal and professional level. It was created for teams who prioritize simplicity of use. Its free subscription is the best option since it includes most of the features Trello has to offer.

Notifications and reminders can be set for each due date, keeping users accountable for tasks that get near or past their deadline. Trello is a web-based project management software solution that helps you simplify complex projects by dividing them into smaller tasks. It's a lightweight project management app that uses Kanban boards to allow freelancers and project managers to keep track of their time and project progress.

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This ensures that everyone can see the status of the project and keep track of all the tasks needed to complete it. Project Insight is a modern, full-featured project & portfolio management software capable of aggregating and reporting on all of the projects across your organization. PI centralizes your work, projects, & tasks in one easy-to-use online platform that can be customized to meet your...

trello review

Wrike is another powerful project management and collaboration app you can use as an alternative to Trello. It has enterprise-grade features, and thus, it comes with a steep learning curve. It's best for large-scale freelancers who work with multiple clients and team members. Speakers may use it to organize future tours and workshops. Landscapers can monitor project development and keep an eye on all areas in one place.

Trello comes with a built-in automation feature called Butler, so teams can focus on work that matters. Butler reduces the number of tedious tasks on the project board by harnessing the power of automation across the entire team. This feature uses natural language commands to automate any task in Trello. It also creates custom buttons, surfaces upcoming deadlines, and schedules teammate assignments. Trello is a great tool for managing and collaborating with team members on work projects and tasks.

This solution comes with enterprise-grade security and reliability, including a 99.999% uptime commitment. Trello Enterprise is the top-of-the-line product offering from this provider. It’s designed for larger teams with more advanced needs for project management. You’re allowed unlimited command runs, meaning you can fine-tune your project management platform to run like a well-oiled machine. If you want to get the most out of Trello’s automation capabilities, you’ll need a Trello Business Class subscription. There are still some restrictions, but it’s more than enough for most teams.

Free version available


  • Visual collaboration
  • Free version works great

One of the most used projectmanagement tools there is and famous for it kanban board style of working.

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