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5.0 / 5

    Easy Task and Management tool

    It is easy to use Trello. It has a clear UX and UI which assists me in my job. I always finished my tasks because it's assists me with all due dates. I can share those dates with collegues so that all goes well. Working together is done greatly. I'm very satisfied with our company's choosing Trello.

    • Clear due date tracker
    • Collaboration with users
    • overall very clear software

    It goes by the flow, it works fine!

    Liking the layout of the board. The time tracking of several tasks at once. In an easy way I've quickly familiarized with the way it works. All creating an editing tasks. It's just perfect for me!

    • time tracker
    • easy to get familiar with all functions
    • cards vertically on the board
    • more condensed view

    Trello's satisfaction

    Trello makes it easy to plan, you can plan and track progress for different team members,thus giving clarity of how much progress has been made on each task. Trello also allows to. create a checklist of sub tasks to be completed, so if each task carries multiple steps its easier to see which steps have been completed to date Planning is easily done with Trello. I can track my progress for myself and different collegues and department. It give me and us so much clarity. I'm so satisfied with all of this. Check listing different tasks to be finished. It also give finishing dates of multiple task. One can see when it's due to finish it.

    • planning
    • progress tracking
    • clarity
    • non
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