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4.0 / 5

Most NordVPN are positive about the speed from the connection. Not all but most. So try it out with the 30-day money-back guarantee. The support works great.

  • "Good support"
  • "Almost always very fast"
  • "Not everyone has fast connections"

terrible connections

I was so excited to try this new streaming service, but after 2 weeks my patience wore thin. The software never connected reliably with iPlayer and whenever it did there were terrible connection speeds all around - not just for me! So I requested a refund via email which has still gone unacknowledged 5 days later as of posting these review results...

  • terrible connections
  • bad customer support

Great speed

When I first got this VPN, the speeds were bad. But after their Nordlynx update last! They also have a great UI that isn't too crowded with options or Anything else which makes it easy on your eyes (and fingers). Only issue i had was Netflix wouldn’t load properly - but contacting support fixed everything in no time at all thanks again guys :)

  • Very fast
  • Support works fine

The service is great

The service is great! It allows you to surf the net without being tracked by governments or other hackers. I use it all of my free time when i'm not at school/work so that's why this product got 5 stars from me :)

  • Great service
  • Feels safe
  • It costs money
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