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5.0 / 5

    Great Solution For File Sharing

    60% of our company's storage is use by OneDrive! I'm very satisfied with OneDrive. It gives us mobility and powerful sharing options.

    • file sharing
    • easy to use
    • It allows a browser interface to work on documents

    satisfied with OneDrive

    We use OneDrive as our company's cloud file storage system. Every document that is to be saved to a hard drive, is also uploaded to OneDrive as an added protection. It allows us to retrieve files from anywhere we have internet access, share files with other employees and allows us to link to files from one central point. In our company we use OneDrive as the cloud storage. Every file is uploaded and protected while stored. Its easy to retrieve files when having access to internet. File sharing is also possible. OneDrive is our knowledge base.

    • Drag and drop uploading is easy to use
    • the whole OneDrive is easy to use
    • creates great organisation and structure
    • when uploading a file witht he same name is overwrites it instead creating a copy

    OneDrive is the greatest

    OneDrive is being used to help keep documents organized. In those folders are important files stored. We are trying to stop using paper. I'm very happy about this. We also utilize the recent files tool to quickly access the files we are constantly using and updating.

    • it allows quick upload from desktop files
    • OneDrives gives folder storage ability similar to a desktop PC.
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