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3.3 / 5

    easy to use

    The Pros of this program are that it's easy to use, offers a fast connection and can get through most internet restrictions. It also allows you play league of Legends on more than one device at once! The Cons might be expensive but if we're talking about an app worth paying then these need not concern us too much as they do offer good value for money (especially considering some programs may cost less). Finally there was only one major issue I had with them where sometimes disconnected briefly before reconnecting again--a very minor hiccup in what is otherwise amazing software

    • Easy setup
    • expensive

    Works without any issues

    PureVPN has been our go-to for VPNs because they allow us to meet both ends of the deal, no matter where we happen be located in existence. We can use their service without any issues and even if something does come up then there's always quick customer support who will help get your issue resolved as soon as possible!

    • quick customer support

    Not great

    For the first several months I was a happy user until day where my issues restricting me from using services came up. The support team helped fix what needed fixing, but there were some things they couldn't resolve unfortunately - like getting new IP addresses if you're stuck on one location too long or having all your questions answered within 24 hours before contacting them again!

    • support team has no solution
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