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3.8 / 5

I am impressed how Webflow brings you to the end result. It is an easy CMS.

  • "No code knowledge needed"
  • "Limited"

Very happy with webflow

It is a easy CMS. it has a so-called 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get'. to me very clear. Sometimes I struggle with some small stuff, like creating a link for something. Overall I'm very exited working with Webflow

  • easy to use
  • friendly customer service

Easy to use

I like the no-code approach but sometimes I just miss the code. I am impressed how Webflow brings you to the end result.

  • easy to learn
  • no code
  • I love the
  • no code (sometimes you miss it)

Bad for marketeers

Honestly as a marketer, Webflow is the worst web building and hosting service I've ever used. It is indeed very simple from a development standpoint, but immensly lacks the functionality you need to do anything remotely advanced. Every time when integrating a marketing service onto our website, we get the error message "Webflow currently doesn't support this." Very disappointed

  • Cheap
  • limited in functionallity

amazing tool

very easy to use. When designing I can see what kinda codes it used, like HTML and other program languages. its a very clear and clean CMS My website what quickly designed. easy peasy

  • easy to use
  • clean and clear
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