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4.0 / 5

    Just great

    So many well-thought and implemented features included in free plugins are amazing and so is the support. It is easy to set up and customizable. Great customer service

    • very clear and straight forward
    • great customer service
    • easy to you CMS

    Very recommended for users

    Submitting a review with star rating the use of great pluggin's having the option to preview pages and messages and approving them. There are so much more I can write down for the reader. Just have a try and you will enjoy Wordpress

    • the preview option
    • the use of lots of pluggin's

    look good and...

    I like the way the reviews appear on a site, simple for users. Installed the plugin and discovered that it requires way to much involvement with coding to setup. I am trying to move away from coding and focus on business. Not for me. I really like the way those reviews appear on my blog. When Installing pluggins I need to know much more how to code. I hoped to prevent more coding.

    • overall great CMS
    • coding pluggins
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