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5.0 / 5

Excel is a great application for creating editing and sharing sheets. It is a well-known and well-used application.

  • "Easy to use"
  • "Market leader"
  • "expensive for home use"

Excel for SEO

I'm an internet marketeer and I'm using excel to import and export my results and data for myself and my clients. Me and my clients are working with MS Excel and sharing those files is very helpful. Even during the pandemic we could continue working on SEO and other marketing relating subjects.

  • Easy to use
  • helpful for SEO
  • very plain and clear
  • lots of functions

Greatest application and also expensive

Excel is a great application for creating editing and sharing sheets with collegues. the only issue is the price. I want to buy it for home use and this is expensive! The overall feeling and use of this application is just great.

  • lots of editing possibilities
  • for the thinking and creative minds
  • expensive for home use

Tool for accounting

I can create and organise expenses and commission payments. I use it for accounting, like adding totals. All is well organized. I can create equations, adding up etc. I am a digital mathematician. I used lots of tutorials to update myself with the new features. It is a well known and well-used application by others so I can ask other for help or information. I'm very grateful for this application which assists me greatly

  • great for accounting
  • more then enough tutorials
  • very common application
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